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We will inspect your firearm to ensure safe mechanical operation and use our in-depth knowledge of firearms to guide these inspections: Either repairing deficiencies; or notifying you of unsafe conditions and taking steps to prevent catastrophic failures. We do this by properly observing gun safety handling procedures.

  • Improper Assembly: All improper parts will be tracked and listed.
  • Missing Parts: All missing parts will be tracked and listed.
  • Cracks: All cracked parts are cause for concern, but especially so in the chamber-area, bolt, bolt-lugs, or buttstock.
  • Bore Obstructions: Being either dented or bent barrels, or foreign material in barrels.
  • Improper Headspace: Dimensions concerning the relative space of the chamber and the bolt are not within specified tolerances.
  • Improper Timing: Applies to fully automatic firearms and revolvers.
  • Safety-Mechanism Malfunctions: Potentially allowing a firearm with the safety mechanism supposedly engaged to unexpectedly fire.
  • Worn Sear Edges: Potentially allowing a firearm to unexpectedly fire when the safety mechanism is disengaged.
  • Firing-Pin Tips Deformed: Leading to the possibility of primer-rupture.

Don't have time to clean your gun? Don't know how to properly clean your gun? Don't want to clean your gun? But we all know the importance of a clean gun. Let us take care of your gun cleaning for you. We offer several cleaning options from basic to complete tear-down. Request Gun Cleaning. Please contact us to start the process.

After receiving your firearm it will be completely disassembled and all parts inspected. Any parts showing excessive wear or fatigue will be compiled on an estimate list. There will be a $25 minimum shop fee for this process. Most weapons can be cleaned/oiled and reassembled for $60 which includes the $25 inspection.

Estimate Process

After the inspection process is complete and depending on whether the firearm is of current manufacture or out of date and parts are no longer manufactured a list of needed new parts or used parts will be compiled. Every effort will be made to find new parts or good quality used parts from reputable suppliers. Labor will be applied at the current shop rate and an estimate provided to the customer.



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